Founded in 2005 by Lloyd R. Kelly, PhD, Greenmont Energy Consulting is a leading energy management, computer modeling, and consulting firm. Operating nationwide and located in Parkersburg, West Virginia, Greenmont Energy draws on many years of knowledge and experience in the coal and energy markets.

Our innovative modeling systems, strategies, and product results are based on deep insight and expertise. We help our clients gain a better understanding of how and why there are energy market variations.

Greenmont Energy’s proprietary modeling system allows clients to benefit from reliable forecasts of coal, gas, and electricity prices while monitoring the supply/demand balances for those commodities. Whether you are a risk manager, fuels buyer, or coal producer, our “hands-on” industry experience allows us to offer energy solutions and analyses that will help you achieve optimal business strategies.

About the Founder:                                                      

Lloyd’s 30 year career in the energy industry includes senior positions with Kennecott Energy Company, Nerco Coal Corp. and Island Creek Coal Company. Prior to founding Greenmont Energy Consulting, he was a partner with Hill & Associates Inc. where he headed energy modeling efforts. Lloyd holds a PhD in chemical engineering & business and an M.S. in chemical engineering, both from the University of Wisconsin as well as a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Colorado.